ArtCrowd is the place visual artists, organizations
and patrons connect to fund their dreams
Crowdfunding is the future. ArtCrowd can show you how to use the
financial power of crowd-shared experiences to fund your art
Free your art from the tyrany of tedious grant applications,
politicized competitions, predatory vanity exhibitions and
"one way ticket" gallery submissions that never go anywhere
ArtCrowd is bringing the almost limitless capacity of the internet to
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tools to fundraise using crowdshared experiences
Dream big, get your project funded, whether you are an emerging
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ArtCrowd is there for you, together we will make it happen.
ArtCrowd is the first and only dedicated crowdfunding platform
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visual artists and visual arts projects.
Crowdfunding is the Future. ArtCrowd can show you how to use
the financial power of social networks to fund your art.
ArtCrowd offers unparalleled visual art-oriented step by step
support, a targeted social art network,and the permanent install
location in our online museum for successfully funded projects.
Unlike other crowdfunding platforms that bury visual art projects
under a tidalwave of tech and media campaigns, at Artcrowd,
we do one thing and one thing only: Visual Art.
The Art Starts Here. ArtCrowd gives you the power to make it all
happen.What we offer is no less than a revolution in how art
gets funded. The playing field just got leveled.
Most crowd funding platforms just “throw your project against the
wallto see what sticks,” ArtCrowd goes far beyond that to get your
art in front of funding patrons who are interested in work like yours.
Doversmoke, Mark Krawczynski
Auspices Koi Fish, Elizaveta Zinna
De la serie portraits 318, Ricardo Muñoz
Chimaerrow, Sooo-z Mastropietro
Premise, Paul-Felix Montez
Under the Boardwalk, Robin Wessman
Neon Treasures, Bon Craig
Violet Snowy Day, Susan Overstreet
Wonder World Day, Anupam Halder
Untitled, Murray Zimiles
Yung Inside, Nicola Dotto
El Grande Azul, Chrys Roboras